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>> i cannot say categoricacateg because islam got a free pass under obama. >> and mitt romney is burning through more money than his campaign is raising, what is going on there? newt gingrich tries to ramp up the base. >> all of you should be deeply concerned about national security. barack is the most dangerous president in modern american history. >> and let the good times role, will farrell helps usher in the big party in the big easy. good day, in our "daily fix" with the michigan primary a week away, rick santorum is not backing gown from his attack on the president's value approximates. chris is with us, chris, you
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have to think this is working for him if he is keeping it up, because he is going at it day after day. >> andrea, i think you are right, look, i think it's a short-term gain, long-term pain strategy, yes it will i think help to bring conservatives behind him as the kind of candidate that gingrich is trying to be, but at the same time, he is battling electability questions within the republican establishment, talking about contraception and theology and the president's faith. that will further raise questions. we will not know about the questions if mitt romney wins michigan, if santorum wins michigan, we could be in for a reckoning saying i don't know that this guy can be our standard barer and beat president obama. >> and on fox news, santorum last night brought up the whole question of the reverend
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jeremiah wright and this is what he had to say then. >> look, i'm not going to question what the president believes in when it comes to his faith, but i'm going to question what he is doing in the country to drive up the cost of energy and destroy the economy and do so at the behest of a bunch of radical environmentalists. >> is the one bringing up jeremiah wright, i don't believe that he was questioned about that. >> once is a mistake and twice is on purpose. you just don't -- it did not sound when he made the initial comment about barack obama a few days ago, it did not seem he was talking to the environment, he said he was. now he is going back to it. none of this is by accident, politicians do not repeat things by accident, this is a careful measured approach to say i'm one of you and i'll take the fight to barack obama in an aggressive
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way. >> it's strategy but i'm not sure how measured it is. thank you. >> thank you. >> the next seven days to the michigan prime could be the most important for mitt romney's political life and he is playing to the crowd includine ining in moment. >> i love this state. the trees are the right height here. i love cars. it used to be that you showed me a square foot of the car, i could tell you the model of it and so forth. i love cars, i love american cars and long may they rule the world, let me tell you. >> fred is a romney supporter. can you transplate for us, what is he talking about? >> he was talking to a hometown crowd, a city and state where he was born and raised, where his
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father was governor. he was kind of greeting the people in the hometown, he was engaging on their turf and talking about things that surround them, trees and cars and all that makes michigan a great state. >> are people calling you, some of the money people who you go to ask to contribute to mitt romney and say what is going on here? >> i don't think that the clip is saying what the campaign is all about. i think it's about getting to offensive about economy and jobs. any day wasted talking about other things is a day wasted particularly with a target rich president. >> the problem is that rick santorum is right now at least leading in the polls and i know they are volatile, this is just a snap shot. but santorum seems to be have the momentum in michigan, not on jo jobs and the economy, but is he throwing out every day a bit of red meat. the values questions.
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>> social issues have a part in the american debate and perhaps even in an election day bait. that is not what this election is about. what people want to see, is what you will do to get the economy amped up. unemployment, and those looking for work, the numbers are not acceptable and they know that mitt romney is the only one that created jobs and led an organization and he is the only one that has a plan for so doing. we got to get back on track on talking about that and i would like to see santorum and romney and gingrich, instead of attacking, i would rather have them talk about growing the economy out of the recession we are in. >> let's talk about the religion issue, franklin graham was asked about the mormon question and this is the way he handled it. he said that christians do not view the mormon faith as a christian faith. let me play it for you.
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>> what about mitt romney? >> i like him. >> is he a christian? >> he is a mormon. >> he said that he is part of the christian faith, do you take him at his word on that? >> most christians do not recognize mormonism as part of the christian faith. >> he is not a christian? >> most christians will not recognize mormonism. >> the whole question of mitt romney's more -- mormon faith, is it an issue in south carolina w will it be an issue in michigan, will it be an issue on super tuesday in the south? >> i don't think it's know issue at all, it's a sad day in america if we elect somebody or vote against somebody because of their religion. i was president of the marriott
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hotels, and worked for mormons, they believe what we believe in, which is a strong and safe america, a growing economy, a rise in the private sector and that is what we are all about, that is what the people are all about. >> is the campaign worried about this? romney does not talk much about his experiences. he was a major figure in his mission work overseas as well as his work when he came back to the states. is he afraid to talk about his faith or is he afraid it's a negative? >> my experience with mormons has been that they are hard working and they have a work ethic, they have a belief in america and in country. and they know what the rewards are from hard work and this missionary work is part of developing that. >> do you think it hurts him politically for someone like franklin graham to say that christians do not view mormons as being christian? >> i do not think it's does. and i'm not sure that franklin
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graham meant there's anything wrong with mormonism or with mitt romney's belief in mormonism. i think he was talking more technically and i believe they are christians and i think that most americans believe that as well. it's not an issue. that is not what this campaign is about, if it is, we have a problem in america that is broader than the election. >> and should the issue be whether president obama has a deep enough faith. the questions about jeremiah wright? >> no, it should not be. i don't think it should be at all. i don't think his faith or his pastor or anything like that is part of in. what is part of this is who can governor america and who can get the country back on track who are can have -- who can have this country standing up as a sign of freedom and get the people back to work.
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i think that romney is the only one that can do it. i think the people in michigan are seeing that increasingly. and i think he wins tuesday. >> what if he does not win tuesday? >> march on to super tuesday, don't give up. >> what about us being told if he does not win on tuesday, parties lead eer will have to lk around for a jeb bush or mitch daniels or someone else to get in the race? >> i have heard some of that speculation, but that is not going happen. let me tell you why, it's an extraordinarily high risk proposition for a political figure to jump into something like that. and it would be risky. i cannot see anybody that wants to take that risk. if you look at the math, getting enough delegates between super tuesday and the convention, unless you are in now and get started. i do not any it will happen, but
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i think it's healthy that we have a contested primary, i think it's healthy that our nominee, mitt romney is going through his process and getting toughened up, he will be a better candidate and nominee because of it. >> fred, thank you very much as always. in 1970 title ten which funds family planning for the poor passed unanimously and richard nixon was signed into law, ultd n -- you would not know it from the rhetoric to campaign trail now. >> i cannot tell you the number of times i've heard folks of difference faiths saying we are all now catholics in the fight. >> a president that can order a religion to break its beliefs it can do it to any religion. and i'll repeal any anti-religious act of the obama administration. >> i want to defund planned
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parent hood. the question is religious liberty. >> ann is a politics features writing for the washington post and susan davis is chief congressional reporter for usa today, you wrote about this today. what strikes you as remarkable about this campaign and this issue buying brought back right now? >> i think a lot of women and a lot of men frankly had felt that this was settled social behavior to use birth control, it has been accepted for years. 1965, through a battle of activists, the court struck down any law in connecticut that made it illegal to use contraception in a married couple relationship and women are saying what is going on? the fight was on abortion and
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politically in many ways that was settled and the new affordable care act has no provision for payment of abortions, and there's no provision to pay for abortions with employees of the federal government, we thought it was over and done with, what is it with birth control? that is confusing to people, the catholic, u.s. conference of catholic bishops said it's an infringement on their liberty to order them to pay for coverage and they have been joined by other religious institutions and they are saying it's about freedom and women are saying no it's about birth control. so you have a gap in thinking what it is about. >> we heard of the issa hearing, this was the frustration over the all-male panel. is there a divide? it's not a gender divide i'm
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told because senator boxer corrected me on friday that it's really democratic republican or is there divisions among the republicans as well, as whether it's an appropriate issue or political issue? >> i think ann made a point, republicans want to make it about religious freedom and a pattern of the federal government telling you how to live your life. >> the mandate >> and the long running disapproval of the obama health care plan. if the republicans can keep it about religious liberty they will win. but they can't. from a democratic standpoint if you want to make this election about a woman's access to health care, they are happy to have that debate every day between now and november. >> bush 41 was one of the str g
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strongest supporters of this. how is the republican party devolved where we are now relitigating all of this? >> it was interesting to go back and read the congressional testimony from 1970. i was struck by how frank it was. people testified in congress and the frankest possible terms about the families having a right to know how many children they could have. women being able to plan for their pregnancies, and you know, we now have a sort of coded debate in many ways which gets into principals of right to access, personal freedom versus group freedom, individual conscious versus institutional conscious, i think at the time, the republican party was a far different party than it is, as we have been hearing for years. the senate at the time was a
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35-65% split. 65% on democrats but there was common cause as to what was best for everyone and interestingly the big fight over birth control at that time, was that elites were going try to use it as a way to force poor people to limit the size of their families and that was why, you know, the congressman from texas who became the president, the 41st president said this is a voluntarily te volunteer program. when birth control is there, people accept it. so you know, i think that it struck a lot of people and i received a lot of comments from young women who had no idea whatsoever -- >> this is shock for that generation. it was a civil rights issue back then. jessie jackson got into it, because there was concern, especially after we first discovered the horrible
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sterilization experiments that were done on african americans in the south, that this was a renewed attempt to get into that. bottom line, is is this going to become legislation? >> the house committee will have another hearing. i think it's reasonable to expect that they will have women on this panel. in the senate, they will vote, roy blunt, senator from missouri has an amendment that will work around the obama rule, but it will put senators on the record on this issue. and it would not be as fueled if santorum was not such a leading candidate for the nomination. he has extreme views of contraception. so i think it's fuelling a lot of what you are hearing on capitol hill. >> thank you both very much.
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are republicans trying use religion as a political weapon against obama. now it's franklin graham talking on "morning joe" about president obama's faith. >> to therefore by your definition, he is not a christian? >> you have to and him, i cannot answer that question for anybody. allpy know is that i'm a sinner and that god has for given me of my sins because i put my faith and trust in jesus christ. that is all i know. >> i do not get it, reverend. i do not mean to harp on it.
10:21 am
why can't you just say yeah, he is a christian. he says he is and he goes to church. >> that is all i can go on, i have told people this many times, i accept him as what he says. if he says he is a christian, i'm not going to say he is not. all i know is what jesus christ has done in my heart and how he changed my life. >> here is presidential historian with us michael beshloss. i thought we would get through the campaign without going here, but here we are. and chris said earlier, once is an accident, then the second day, and the third day, we are talking about the same thing. so here we are, this was franklin graham on "morning joe" going there as rick santorum did. and also, you know, first let's talk about the president's faith. bringing up the question of the
10:22 am
muslim issue, that was long resolved and reinjecting jeremiah wright. >> long resolved despite the number of people that still think that he is a muslim. it's incredible. the other thing is that it was probably legitimate more to talk about jeremiah wright four years ago because people did not know who obama was. one way that candidates use religion is sort of shorthand, this is a candidate that i do not know, but if i know his religious belief, it gives me a sense of his character. >> isn't it a way to define someone as other, outside the mainstream, not quote american, but not only his name but his k kenyan father. >> there was ministers at a time, where there was problems with protestants and catholics
10:23 am
that try to do the same to kennedy. >> jimmy carter was a bit controversial because he was the first reborn, avowed reborn candidate that we knew about, and was teaching sunday school and was deeply religious and different. >> and that was a time that many did not hear about born again christians, a lot of people said though, if carter is such a deep christian that suggests to me that he will not do the terrible things that richard nixon did during water gate and that helped him but a lot of people in the democratic party said they were worried about how much of a religious man he was. >> it was interesting that there was no alcohol in the white house, we would go to the white house christmas party and as a born again christian, and baptist, he did not permit
10:24 am
alcohol. he was strict in his observance. let me play a bit of what happened a moment ago this morning. >> you do not believe he is a muslim? >> no. >> cnot a muslim? >> i cannot say that totally because muslim has gotten a free pass. >> how so? >> coming out of the arab spring, islam is taking control. the minorities the christian minorities in egypt were protected now those minorities throughout the arab world are under attack. >> so that is merging a lot of issues together. and the other thing, you having raised the question of kennedy
10:25 am
and smith being catholics. now the mormon issue, christians not viewing more mans as christi christians, how do you feel it effects things? >> romney tried to stop it by giving a speech saying i should not be judged on my religion it will not affect my political decisions, taking it almost directly from the speech that john kennedy made in the 1960s. >> you think he will have to confront it again? >> if people are making the argument and great graham was suggesting that barack obama has a view on the middle east because he is a secret muslim, or has relationships that is the opposite of what romney was trying argue and opposite of what kenny was trying argue.
10:26 am
if people start to think that his religion will affect his views. >> what is it about religion and politics, how do we use religion to define ourselves and who a candidate is? >> the problem is the founders left it unsolved. they figured that the relationship between church and state was something that each generation would have to negotiate and we are doing it again. but i think the biggest influence is this, before 1960, party hacks chose nominees and religion was not important, they knew these people. now, a lot of people are voting for romney or santorum, and they take a very close at what kind of religious belief they profess to get a sense of who this guy is behind the scenes. >> and rick santorum clearly trying use the issue to redefine who barack obama is. >> absolutely. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and could romney be forced to pay for his own campaign?
10:27 am
the briefing next on "andrea mitchell reports." [ male announcer ] we know you don't wait
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briefing, does mitt romney have a cash flow problem. romney is burning through cash at a rapid rate. spending three times what he raised. ken, this is a surprising result, he has been flush with money. and at this stage, he is spending it so fast, i guess all the negative ads cost, a lot of money? >> that is right and he is not getting the results. it would be one thing if his campaign and super pac brought in a combined $13 million and spent upwards of $30 million if she showed better results and won iowa and south carolina where they invested heavily. instead they lost to santorum and gingrich respectively. which raises the question, can you continue to raise this type
10:31 am
of the money to spend so heavily if you are not winning and michigan will be a test of that. >> when you look at the money, santorum is beginning to raise money and has his sugar daddy, his supporter foster friess. >> yes, and we found out yesterday that there's another don't that are gave money to santorum's super pac. a louisiana energy executive who has not been the first of the conserve i ever donors, so it will be interesting to see if santorum can pick up small donors but also big donors to the super pac supporting his campaign. >> thank you very much, ken. and the supreme court has decided to take a major case, this could inject the hot button issue of affirmative action into the campaign and change college
10:32 am
entrance practices that were settled law for a decade. a policy that allows a student's race to be considered in freshman admissions is before them. this is a big deal, pete, i recall, you are the expert, there was a michigan case. there was a compromise that was crafted to prevent a deeply divided court maybe nine or ten years ago, from settling the law against affirmative action. >> that is right, she wrote the decision and it was no 2003, and it said schools could consider race and admissions to make student bodies more diverse, this challenge comes from texas, it's a white student at the university of texas who tried to get in. texas admits the top 10% of every class and to fill out the rest of the class they consider the applicant's race, she did not get in and claimed that
10:33 am
others that got in had poorer grades and test scores than she d the big change is that the supreme court said colleges could do it, o'conner is gone and had he has been replaced. it's a more conservative court. and there are five court would overturn affirmative action and i think it will be argued in october or november, right before the election this year. >> pete, this is such a big deal, thank you very much. big news from the high court today. coming up, a real threat? et's get a recap, merv. [ merv ] thanks, other merv. mr. clean magic eraser extra power was three times faster on permanent marker. elsewhere against dirt, it was a sweep, with scuffed sports equipment... had it coming. grungy phones... oh! super dirty! and grimy car rims... wow! that really works! ...all taking losses. it looks like mr. clean has won everything. the cleaning games are finished?
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50 people are believed to have been killed today. the red cross is calling for a daily cease fire to reach the wounded. to the east, iran is carrying out nuclear war games. iranian interests were quote threatened. we have our tehran bureau chief. is this a bit of saber rattling to show strength as they getting ready to sit down for talks? >> that is right, iran wants to show itself in a position of strength that is why the fighting words out of tehran today. the armed forces said if iran's national interests were threatened iran would launch a preemptive strike on its enemies and to back up the tough talks they have launched extensive
10:38 am
moves, and they are named god's vengence and tehran was said to beef up their presence in iranian waters. one senior official said it's a clear warning against american adventurism. >> and at this hour, the state department, hillary clinton is hosting the state department's first global business conference, promoting what the secretary calls jobs diplomacy, you may ask why is the secretary of state thinking about market swings? to answer that question, we have thomas here, he has stepped out of the meetings to join us for a moment. before we go to that i want to follow-up on what jay carney said at the white house today, the president believes there's time for diplomacy to work.
10:39 am
where do we stand today with iran? and the possiblity of more tension that area as we fry -- as we try to get down to talks, do you think that israel is willing to wait? >> i will let the white house speak on those issues in particular, but let's be clear, the one thing we are very much focused on is making sure that these sanctions continue to bite, which they are. we are focused on making sure that we continue to have international cooperation, and we are, so we have confident as the sanctions are in place, that they will come back to the table and discuss the issues as has been reported out earlier this morning. >> of course, there's an economic impact on the price of oil. and gas.
10:40 am
what can they do to deal with the problems such as syria, the question of syria and what john mccain and lindy graham were trying to speak to, trying to get aide in, as we approach more and more what looks like civil war. >> we are very focused on that, we have been calling for assad to go. we are focused on aide being given and we believe that we are on the right path here as it relates to our work with the international community to make sure that the relief is given to the people of syria that will need it. >> mr. secretary, there you are today, you have the secretary of boeing, what is the goal now, i think secretary clinton was pointing out, trying to get russia to by 737s, the state department has a big role
10:41 am
economically around the world. >> it's interesting, we are focused, the first time the state department has done what secretary clinton has been talking about economic state craft. we talk about it as the place we do peace and prosperity and this is the prosperity piece of our agenda, we have invited over 120 countries that are here, representing all sorts of business interests here, and doing what we can to support job creation, it's about americans getting americans back to work. as president obama spoke about if importance of doubling our exports, we are focused here on the state department to do that. and this conference is to highlight all of our efforts from the ambassadors on the ground to working with the commerce department, our hope is that it's about economic and economic message about how americans given a fair playing
10:42 am
field, we can committpete and wn win and drive american jobs using our diplomats to achieve that. >> you were the highest ranking official that came back from iraq recently, what about the giant embassy there and the concerns about staffing there, are we going to have to downsize the deployment to iraq? >> let me tell you first and foremost, words can not express the commitment and dedication of the men and women in iraq. did foreign service -- fulfilling his commitment. the idea that we set up the commission, which is i think the largest mission since the plan, we will work as we have said, our first priority is the
10:43 am
security of our people, but over the year we will be transitioning and hiring more local iraqis and having less reliance on contractors. our goal is to keep our officials safe and to play a critical role in a critical place in the world. i was thrilled to be there and be part of the mission. the job has begun and it's an effectively being done at that. >> thank you very much, and thanks to the shout out to all the people there, because we know they are doing things in so many ways, and often overlooked. >> thank you, andrea. thank you for having me. >> and coming up next, a michigan democratic power house on the rough and tumble republican primary campaign there, you are watching "andrea mitchell reports" on msnbc. sam: i'm sam chernin. owner of sammy's fish box.
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10:47 am
in more abortions and therefore less care that has to be done. because we cull the ranks of the disabled in our society. >> so one christian publication points to a doctor that said santorum is right. i'll talk to the division chief of obgyn at case medical center, she said that prenatal testing makes healthier babies. is there reason to for give a man that beat you? rihanna and her exboyfriend are doing some work together. and fans are furious. rick santorum has pulled ahead of mitt romney and romney's home state of michigan, attacking president obama on social values while romney
10:48 am
sticks to an economic message. debbie joins me now from detroit, thanks so much more joining us. a lot of people are surprised that michigan residents are responding to the values questions more than the economic message. what are you seeing from the ground in michigan? >> well, i think michigan is a complicated situation, which it always is. it's a state that brought you george wallace and jessie jackson in the past, there's a poll today that shows mitd romney up two points. it's a very fluid situation. so, in romney buy in michigan is bringing people back and the gap is closing. but the fact is that michigan residents feel strongly about social issues particularly those that will be voting in the michigan primary, you know how
10:49 am
strongly the tea party members feel, and rick santorum appeals to them. >> you mentioned george wallace, does this mean that an angry appeal to white voters at a time of the economic stress can resonate and a stronger populace message? >> i think there's significant number of factors in any election that can take place and you cannot stereo type any one thing that will impact the outcome. it may be one of the things that people are not talking about is the fact that you do not register by party in michigan. so that you can have union voters that will go into the polls next week and all they have to do is ask for a republican ballot and vote in the republican primary next week. >> do you know in politics so well, from your own experience and your husband john dingle has
10:50 am
been re-elected time and time again, you make of this whole focus on religion and again on president obama's non-muslim faith? >> again, it not only the issue, but what did happen with president obama and hhs. we have a very fantastic catholic population, christian population and people who believe very strongly in religious freedom. also, woman have become energized. they are outraged on the fact that republicans are trying to tell that birth control should be an aspirin as we heard on your show last week. it's a very complicated time. the voters who care, the voters that have passion, are those that are reacting to some of these messages. i think it will energize them to turn out next tuesday.
10:51 am
>> always smart on politics where ever you are and especially in michigan. thank you very much. >> thank you very much. spark cash gives me the most rewards of any small business credit card. it's hard for my crew to keep up with 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. 2% cash back. that's setting the bar pretty high. thanks to spark, owning my own business has never been more rewarding. [ male announcer ] introducing spark the small business credit cards from capital one. get more by choosing unlimited double miles or 2% cash back on every purchase, every day. what's in your wallet? this guy's amazing. a little bird told me about a band... ♪ an old man shared some fish stories... ♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band.
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which political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours? jonathan capehart joins me now. jay carney as responded to what happened on "morning joe". i'm going to play the response. >> he firmly believes that getting an extra $40 in every paycheck is of vastly greater significance to most americans than someone's opinion expressed on cable television about his personal faith, which again, he has spoken about as explicitly as a few weeks ago.
10:55 am
>> is this going to become another big debate in this campaign? rick santorum is clearly going there. >> of course it is. i think we've known for a very long time there will are going to be some issues that are hot button issues whether on the right or the left, republican or democrat, when you're running for president will come into play. race is one of them and most definitely religion is one of them. as you said and we heard all weekend long, rick santorum going there, as you said. you have the white house not dignifying what franklin graham said with a response, but staying on message by talking about what they're going to do for the american people. >> jonathan, thank you very much. did i hear you're going to be sitting in on "way too early"? >> sports. doing sports. >> thank you. that does it for us. my colleague tamron hall has a look at what's next. great to see you.
10:56 am
the right and wrong of rick santorum's comments on prenatal testing. he said the test results in more abortions. i'll you can with the division chief of ob/gyn. she says prenatal care makes for healthier babies. the supreme court will hear a case brought by a white student who is denied admission to the university of texas. the decision could come right in the middle of the presidential election. ♪ liquid gooooooooooooooooooooooooold ♪ ♪ liquid gooooooooooooooooooooooooold ♪ to help protect your eye health as you age... would you take it? well, there is. [ male announcer ] it's called ocuvite. a vitamin totally dedicated to your eyes, from the eye-care experts at bausch + lomb. as you age, eyes can lose vital nutrients.
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oh! [ baby crying ] ♪ what started as a whisper ♪ every day, millions of people choose to do the right thing. ♪ slowly turned to a scream ♪ there's an insurance company that does that, too. liberty mutual insurance. responsibility. what's your policy? ♪ amen, omen right now on "news nation," follow if you dare. has rick santorum set the ultimate trap for mitt romney? >> you buy the fact that he's doing this deliberately. that he knows what he's saying what he believes. he knows it's tricky

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